Welcome, welcome, thrice welcome. And an additional warm welcome for all of you, to Both Sides of My Table. Intertwined within this website you will discover me playing boardgames at both sides of the gaming table.

The 09556C4D-82FE-4002-86CF-855B2703FCB1 above to the right, with its GREEN/BLUE pop-down menu,  should help you navigate to all areas of my solitary venture into all things board-gamey… especially focusing on solitaire variants of multiplayer games but also peeking furtively at solitaire and co-operative games alike.

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Multiplayer Boardgames for the Soloists

Be sure to wander over to the other areas of BSoMT where all things boardgamey and soloist are subject to many ramblings and such like on the solitaire variants of multiplayer game page link: Multi-player Boardgames For The Sol

Gloom of Kilforth, Tau Ceti, Liberty or Death, Tuscany, Labyrinth Awakening, The Exiled:Siege, Runebound 3rd ed Unbreakable Bonds, The Witcher, Mage Knight, Rise to Nobility, Donning the Purple, Barbarians The Invasion, Niña & Pinta, Darien Apocalypse, Dwarf,  Magnate, Maquis, 1565 St Elmo’s pay 


Cooperatively Solitaire:

Or just glance at co-operative games that have their own special brand of solitarianism  link: Cooperatively Solitaire

21 Days, The Dwarves:The Saga, By Order of the Queen, Dead of Winter, Legends of Andor, Hexplore It, Palm Island, The City of Kings, Village Attacks, Perdition’s Mouth, Black Opera, Lembitu


Bots and Wotnots:

…if it is Solitaire Games with cunning AI’s that you are looking for, Bots definitely make for challenging opponent type artificial intelligence  link: Bots & Wotnots

Tau Ceti, Liberty or Death, Labyrinth Awakening, No Retreat Russian Front, 21 Days, Exodus


Boardgames for the Ears: 

Or perhaps your ears need that boardgame experience in the form of a podcast or two  link: Boardgames For The Ears


Solo You Need to Know: 

and further reading with selected blogs and review sites  link: Solo You Need To Know (Solo Gaming Links)


Solely Solo:

…or maybe you just want to skulk about in the area of BSoMT dedicated to solely solo games…I will not judge!  link: Solely Solo

Patton’s Best, Crete ‘41 Operation Mercury, Nemo’s War, Robinson Crusoe The Cursed Island, Agricola Master of Britain, A4 Quest, Charlemagne Master of Europe, Argonauts, Unbroken, Black Sonata Fields of Fire


A Guest Knows Best: 

…there is a pokey little corner of BSoMT where I have started stuffing guests from the boardgaming world…keeping them against their will until they write down their views and opinions of solitaire board-gaming A Guest Knows Best page link: A Guest Knows Best

Tristan Hall, Jamey Stegmaier, Beyond Solitaire, CatWeazle, Tom Russell, Ricky Royal, Shiny Happy Meeples, Solomode Games, The Player’s Aid, Mark Chaplin, Aigar Aleveer, Janice Turner, Carla Kopp


War For One & One For War:

…an interesting section in its infancy at the moment, that will surely be growing rapidly, is the compulsory donning of tin helmets to pursue all things Solo in a Wargames fashion looking beyond the soloist having to play both sides of a table: Link: War For One & One for War!

The Hunters: German U-Boats at War, Pocket Landships, Until The Bitter End, Charlemagne Master of Europe, Agricola Master of Britain, Patton’s Best, Crete ‘41, COIN Tribe’s Revolt, Nuts! Big Battles, Death on the Rails (solo), Firelds of Fire, Black Orchestra, Exiled:The Siege, Nor Retreat Russian Front (solo), Lembitu, Duel Powers

The astute and marvelously observant will notice a number of crossovers with other categories. I collated these titles here so wargame fans could find all titles under one  title page for convenience sake…”what constitutes a wargame” is also subjective.


A Single Portion of Playtests and Prototypes: 

..the latest addition to BSoMT is a small section of the site that takes a closer look at playtest sessions of up & coming games and a variety of prototype boardgames for one LinkA Single Portion of Playtests and Prototypes

Palm Island, Donning the Purple, Assembly, UNBROKEN, Gandhi, Dwarven Traders, Atraxis Station, Dual Powers:Revolution 1917, The COIN Tribes’ Revolt, Plaincrafters, Chai, Abandons, Black sonata, Ironclad, Lock Up, The Romans, Processing, Fantasy Pug Quest


Role Play/Solo Play:

A tentative BSoMT toe is dipped into the murky waters of the roleplay world…but roleplay for one (also a resource page for a wide range of roleplay podcasts & Twitch TV) linkRole Play/Solo Play (D&D & More)

Expedition, The Solo Adventurer’s Toolbox, Paths, Swordplay, d100 Dungeon, Gladus Hereticus, Ironsworn, Paths Worls of Adia, Big Book of Battle Mats, Fate Solo System


Something Completely Different.

A small selection of games that have appealed to both sides of my table without having…or intending to have a practical solo mode

Chai, Masters of Gettown, Planecrafters, The Old ahellfire Club

Link: And Now For Something Totally Different


It’s a Solo Con: 

…a personal and relatively small feature recently added to the site, reports on BSoMT’s visits to boardgame conventions from a solo gamer’s perspective: It’s A Solo Con

F917506D-5828-454E-9E58-D5D025916726Airecon 2018 from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. page link: …of Aire’s and Graces, of Stress and Press (UKGE 2018),

5AECAFC7-89DF-4083-8363-6E3474E34783UKGE 2018, NEC Birmingham page link: of Stress and Press (UKGE 2018)

769DD5E9-2471-48F3-B3C4-DD33CEDFC397Live Playthrough of Lifeforms: Travelling Man, Manchester. Page link: ..of a Travelling Man and a LIFEFORM Plan

EssenSpiel 2018 BSoMT’s first venture to Germany (…of Peculiar Customs and Foreign Rituals )




There is a BSoMT guild over on BGG where all the latest items for Both Sides of My Table will be announced as well as an opportunity to contribute to solo game variant discussion threads. Feel free to take a look and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest news https://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/3248

…and now there a BSoMT group on face book where all are welcome to join in the chat, sharing and discussing of all things boardgamey in a soloish fashion (and more besides) ‪https://www.facebook.com/groups/1796626697310269/



Disclaimer: All my reviews are unpaid and, as a result of extensive gameplay, I post my thoughts here. Most games are from my own collection and as such (due to my rigorous research before purchase) will predominantly be good soloable games. I have, on occasion, been Generously presented with a copy of a game to review but this by no means influences my opinion when reviewing. It is my philosophy to be honest and share how I think a game play is suited for us, the soloist. I try to be constructive when I do find elements I feel could be improved for the solo players

(key to the site’s numbering system #1…=solo variant of multi-player games, #1cs…=solo variant of a cooperative game, #1solo…=purpose designed solitaire games, #gkb… =A Guest Knows Best- guest contributors, #1std… =Something Totally Different…special games not for solo use)


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Just as an aside, I must point out that I am regularly adding to, spotting ridiculously obvious errors or updating articles with extra content so it is always worth popping back and revisiting articles that have toyed with your curiosity

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