*coming to BSoMT in Late August*

Blionk…bloink…bloink. The echo of each drip resounding like a never-ending wind chime. The oppressive darkness closes in, suffocating all the senses…except one. The unavoidable pressing sensation of a full bladder. Taking a leak in a dungeon is not as easy as it would first appear…oh, yes, you’d think it was a doddle…all dark and cavernous, but no!. Around every corner is a bloody beastie or ghoul or goblin or worse. Eagerly planning one’s demise. And as for this Dungeon Lord fellow, well he is just plain despicable…

…now should I try jumping across the puddle now filling the passageway before me (obviously going to be a Dexterity challenge) or do I try to wade through it (obviously a Physical challenge)? Either way I don’t think my cardboard pogo-stick will be of much use now…

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