coming very soon to BSoMT…a single handed attempt to cut and past a way through to European dominance and unification…a number of recent Kickstarter arrivals and some heavy playtesting demands pushed this item back…I do appologise for the delay

Bonjour à tous … et bienvenue à ma tentative solitaire de dominer toute l’Europe. Laisser étouffer les masses commence … et laisser la mauvaise grammaire française gouverner le jour




Yes indeedy…I am, with out the aid of safety net or historical references, going to singlehandedly cut out all the forces that oppose me…(literally cut them out as I only have the PnP version of the game from Wargame Vaults) then I will quash all uprising and bring unification to not only the Franks…but the entire European continent…well a large portion of it at any rate. So let me don my customary 700-800 AD hessian sack underpants and red Taffeta shawl, fasten my string belt and wave my conquering plastic great grandad to Excalibur above my head in a triumphant waggle…

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