Guest writers, bloggers and gamers familiar with the world of solitaire gaming will be doing me the great honour of bombarding BSoMT with their superior knowledge of all things boardgamey, solitaire and more, besides…using proper writted words and spelling and everything.

(Header image of Tristan Hall promoting “1066 Tears to many Mothers” at The Travelling Man , Manchester, UK)


13979326-6403-41FF-B4B1-281688164D5A 1The Rise and Rise of Solo Gaming

by the esteemed Mr Tristan Hall of Hall or Nothing Productions- #1gkb…of Rises and Surmises



2. Why Solo?

By the most generous Liz Davidson of Beyond Solitair #2gkb…of Berlin Sights and Parisian Delights



3. Solitary Stonemaier

By the honourable Mr Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games   #3gkb…of Solitary Scythes and Multi-Automa Lives


DA51CD87-37BE-451F-B54A-49D0A133FD5E 4. Unexpected Benefits of the Solo Boardgaming YouTuber

By the most excllent solo gamer and Youtube video star CatWeazle #4gkb…of Board-Game F##kers and Video Rule Suckers




By prestigeous Tom Russell of Hollandspiele Games #5gkb…of Solitaire Statements and Draw-cup Adjustments



6. Shiny Happy Meeples

By the excellent Lindsay (and co-host) #7gkb…of Happy Meeples and Solitaire Peoples



7. The Selfish Gamer

First of two parts by  the boargaming ambassador Ricky Royal #6gkb…of Selfish Delight and Renegade’s Plight (Ricky Royal)



8. BSoMT Solomode

By Michael Dilisio who waxes lyrical about the rise of solo gaming #8gkb…of Golden Age Notions and Solitaire Variant Promotions



9. Creating a solitary Lifeform

An interview with LIFEFORM designer Mark Chaplin about the design thought-process for creating a solo variant of a multiplayer game #9gkb…of The Homicidal Star-Beast Horror and The Ill-fated Shuttlecraft Romora (Mark Chaplin)



10. A Love/Hate relationship with Solitaire Gaming

By Grant from The Player’s Aid #10gkb…of Cracking Bot Code and Artificial (lack of) Intelligence Mode



11. Oh God, they want solo rules!

A wonderful incite to the late addition of a solo mode to Carcosa By Nigel Kennington of One Free Elephant  #11gkb…of Solitaire Elephants and Solo-mode Elegance (Nigel Kennington)



12. Designing Solo

Janice from Wren games talks about the solo nature of Assembly

#12gkb…of Multiple Solo and Interupted Game-flow (Janice Turner)




13. Hellenica: The Solitaire Story of Greece

The first of at least two articles about the development of the AI system for Scott DeMers’ Hellenic: The Story of Greece

Part 1: #13gkb…of Aegean Bots and Greek Wotnots (Hellenica)

Part 2: #15gkb…of Simple Stupid Pitfalls and Stubborn Supply Limit Overhauls



14. “1d6 Games”

How to make a multiplayer game accessible to just one dice roller! Aigar from 2d6EE games gives us a glimps into Estonian game design for one.

#14gkb…of Solo Mining Dwarves and Solitary Block Wars (Aigar Alaveer)



16. Bulletproof Loneliness

I’m not especially sad to be alone, I love my own company.

#16gkb…of Bullets and Bodies (Lindsay Jo Miller)


okoppi-logo-transparent-best 17. Wired Giraffe Games

Carla Kopp is all kinds of weird solo

#17gkb…of Weird Solo Dreams (Carla Kopp)

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