This is a special part of the site where Playthroughs, testing, and various personal musings and thoughts about prototyp/playtest games that find their way on to BSoMT.



A 1-2 card player game from Janice & Stu Turner (Wren Games)

Ataraxis Station: Galactic Peace Conference (BSoMT link: coming soon)

A 2-4 player card game (with a solo variant) by Sarah & Will Reed




The COIN Tribes’ Revolt (BSoMT Link: …of Boudica’s Tribal Rebellions and Counter Insurgent Romans (COIN Tribes’ Revolt))

Boudica’s rebellion against Rome in a (GMT Games COIN-style) 9 card nano-game by Laurie Phillips


3) Dual Powers: Revolution 1917 (BSoMT link: …of Petrograds and Activists (Duel Powers:Revolution 1917)

A lighter area control/strategy game set in the run up to the Russian Civil War. A game for two with a really good solo variant by Thunderworks Games


Palm Island (BSoMT link:#7cs…of Upgraded Temple Charms and Sandy Beach Palms (Palm Island) )

A 1-2 player deck transforming card game by Portal Dragon

Kickstarter link: (project funded/campaign ended)


UNBROKEN (BSoMT link: #11…of Harvesting Grain and Backstabbing Pain (Donning the Purple) )

Prototype/pre-Kickstarter Game of solo survival and revenge set in a dungeon/catacomb environment by Altea Games

Kickstarter link: (project funded/campaign live)


Donning the Purple (BSoMT link: #11…of Harvesting Grain and Backstabbing Pain (Donning the Purple))

Prototype/pre-Kickstarter  Show your true colours in this asymmetrical king of the hill game for 1-3 players set in Roman Europe…by Tompet Games

Kickstarter link: (project funded/campaign ended)


A4 Quest (BSoMT link: #7solo…of Tentacle Nests and A4 Quests)

A4 Quest is a solo adventure game in which you will face hordes of monsters while experiencing locations. Your goal is to complete specific tasks while making sure that you stay alive! By Board & Dice

KickStarter link: (project funded/campaign ended)


Dwarven Traders: (BSoMT Link: …of A Bearded Mine and Gems Devine (Dwarven Traders)

(kickstarter link Dwarven Traders)

Mining and trading precous stones in lengthy dwarven beards bu 2d6EE Games. Game


Vertium (BSoMT link …of The Complex Invasion and Planetary Colonisation (Vertium)

Kickstarter Link:

A light, tactical sci-fi game of planetary colonisation by Caper Games


Planecrafters (BSoMT link …of Well Crafted Wings and Multi-propeller Things (Planecrafters)

A competative cardgame where the sky is the limit (in that aircraft are made and sold)


The Abandons (BSoMT link …of Twists and Turns (The Abandons)

Solo labyrinth puzzle solving tile laying game by Puzzling Pixel Games

Kickstarter link:


Ironclad (BSoMT link …of Cosmic Conditions and Operation Missions (Ironclad)

A Space Opera in ren movements by AlcyonCreative


Exodus (a Z War One game) …of Molotov Cocktails and Seeker’s Entrails (Exodus)

A survival adventure campaign game set in a zombie infested Scottish dockland by Dice Ports


Micro Brew …of Tiny Tin Maltings and Loyalty Demandings (Micro Brew)

A puzzle worker placement Tiny Tin Brewery game by One Free Elephant


Lock Up …of Construct Guards and Exercise Yards (Lock Up)

A worker placement game set in the Roll Play world by Thunderworks Games


Chai …of Stews and Brews (Chai)

A game of blending teas by Deep Aqua Games

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