This little section of BSoMT is dedicated to all things Wotnot, Bot like and Automated. A closer look at mechanics making multi-player games accessible to the solitaire player.

A15ADB43-8D47-4803-B30C-BA39895FEB081. AutTauPilot- Tau Ceti Bot

C4393F62-E6B5-4C70-A9DF-7D843FC8B7AF2. Both Sides of the C.O.I.N.- Liberty or Death Bots




CE76D757-40EF-4CFE-8D21-7448FDDCAE353. Automated Wine Intelligence- Tuscany Automa

1A3D078E-D8E0-46CD-B339-3CECE2FBDE1E4. Not a Robot but Definitely a Wotnot- C3i’s solitaire rules for No Retreat Russian Front


CE2CE1C7-7909-4C20-A959-E7A6CF60EE7B5. One Man and His Dog- A mechanic for the solo game of 21Days that provides a four legged AI friend to help the lonely gamer adrift at sea on a raft -One Man and His Dog