BSoMT dives right in with both size 10’s into the strange and wonderful world of co-op games…and finds out if they are really suited to the soloist. This is world of cooperatively solo gaming.

982B7C39-78F8-4737-8B78-B1A46376616E1.  21 Days– How one man and his dog can survive on a raft at sea in the cooperative survival game 21 Days #1s …of Paws and Feet and Jaws and Teeth



233C1B5E-10C7-402D-88D9-90CC3BF785EB2. Dwarves:The Saga- I shall go on a solitary hunting mission in search Orc and Troll in The Dwarves: The Saga Expansion- Pegasus Spiele #2cs…of Beards and Beers



C8C94D8A-98B4-4AEE-9B50-4500C3E91A8D3. By Order of the Queen- Adventuring, beastie slaying, order carry-outing and that’s just the bus ride out to the Kingdom of Tessandor. I shall, once the festivities have subsided, embark on a solitary quest of micro-cosmic proportions.#3cs…of Koblin Kings and Bog Lurklings


001E670A-1323-4421-A671-465C1FC8C7DA 4. Dead of Winter- Freezing appendages surrounded by freezing zombies #4cs…of Winter Frost and Survivors Lost




37495169-3551-4D3E-86FD-69B9EC2B95FA5. Legends of Andor- Just once it’d be nice to replace this heroic fighting-style tinfoil covered cardboard trilby for my thinking cap…#5cs..of And’s and Or’s (and Skrals and Gors



6B723A86-69DE-419D-8C69-E834E71CA483 6. Hexplore It- on with my knee-length dear-stalker and patchwork nose protector… it’s Hexploring I go 

#6cs…of Rampaging Hex Boards and Unruly Dry-Wipe Hordes (HEXplore It)



7. Palm Island-

.#7cs…of Upgraded Temple Charms and Sandy Beach Palms (Palm Island) by Portal Dragon



AC3079A5-9C8C-429F-A793-BB3E9AE1AA898. Lembitu- You’d think being leader, King of Sakala County and what not, I would be afforded a life of relative peace and luxury with pleasant walks in the forest, fine wining and dining and general luxuriating while my Estonian lands provide for me…having established this Lehola stronghold…and all… by 2d6EE Games…#8cs…St George’s Knights and Estonian Plights (Lembitu)

CC3274FA-2D8B-4270-8935-732609C87B899 City of Kings- Da da daaaaahhhhhh! enters stage right, strikes dramatic exploring pose but quickly unstrikes it as trousers fall down and reveal my intentions to the vulgar gaze of the audience…pulls up trousers but realises there is a rip in the rear…shuffles awkwardly back off stage holding a brass clothes horse covering the offending area… by City of Games #9cs…of Astrographer’s Towers and No-Hope Hours (City of Kings)

297E3117-5A8B-4064-A2B9-17DABAD9672010 Escape the Dark Castle- the perilous tale of one man’s brave attempt to escape the clutches of unjust incarceration…as I run like a headless chicken all over the shop …by Themeborne 

#10cs…of Dark, Dank and Donk


5BA4CB17-DB13-4BEB-84DF-B0D117ACC2A111 Black Orchestra- chasing about the streets of Berlin and beyond, avaiding the filthy gaze of the Gestapo whilst we conspire in a solitary fashion plotting the downfall of the Führer…by Phantasio Games/Games Salute

#11cs…of Unmasked Depravity and 3rd Reich Conspiracy (Black Orchestra)

9142D6F5-E6B6-43DE-A106-4DBDF3F4B29612 Village Attacks- welcome to the darkest of castles in the darkest of times. T tyranical reighn of terror as monsters from legend wreak havoc across the land…villagers once in fear, unite to join forces to rid evil once and for all…but as I am that evil, I am not too happy about it …by Grimlord Games

#12cs…of Peasant and Pitchforks (Village Attacks)


13 Perdition’s Mouth- down a rickety ladder lies a darkened room that leads to a darkened passage. Scittering sounds of things with too many legs can be heard beyond the reaches of the light. No chance I am going down their solo…I need a couple of mates and then I’ll be brave enough to rid this Abyssal Rift of chanting Cultists… Dragon Dawn Productions 

#13cs…of Cultist Blowpipes and Critterly Dislikes (Perdition’s Mouth)



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