This is an organic work in progress collating the numerous ramblings of a Solitaire board-gamer(me, that is, by the way…Giles) from deepest, rural Shropshire (UK)…


….about all things boardgamey that are specifically aimed at and for the solitaire gamer. The main focus is on the many variants of multi-player games that make them playable by…..well, the solitaire gamer (official and fan-made variants alike). There is also a sneaky peek at co-operative games that have solid solo variants playable by a solitaire gamer and, of course games that are soley solo. This collection of inane ramblings has come about by BSoMT wanting to share the experience of games that have found themselves literally on Both Sides of My Table, proving themselves to be particularly excellent examples for the solo player that really need to be shared.

BSoMT can always be reached by e-mail on or via direct message on Twitter and via the BSoMT facebook page

For a rundown of all the games coming to BSoMT follow the link Not Now, But Most Definitely Later! ….or explore the Green Menus above a complete aside, cartoon illustration used to be a side line

2017-11-10 10.02.38
The Famous Cap’n Jack Duckworthy, renowned captain of the infamous Steaming Pig

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