BSoMT will be taking a critically close look at a selection of games that have been made for competative multi-player experience with, sadly, no consideration what so ever for the soloist gamer. Fans of such games have ingeniously handcrafted, with magic, witchcraft and other devious trickery, their own Solitair Varients and it is this group of chaps and chapesses that will provide the fuel for this new segment of the site. The Witcher #8…of Woollen Vests and Heroic Quests and Ricky Royal’s unofficial solo variant gave me the idea to have a whole segment dedicated to such great ideas.

A couple of titles that will be under consideration will be…934A4A3A-13CB-4885-A317-A55106C661C2

X wings and Ties come head to head with a fan made online app to control AI opponent in Star Wars X-wing by Fantsy Flight Games #1fm…of Imperial Ties and X’s or Y’stf



Fallen (a head to head dungeoun combat/choose your adventure/story telling style of game) from Watchtower Games where a hero adventures against a dungeon Lord.  This solo mode allows controle of the Dungeon Lord #2fm…of Dank Dungeon Hordes and Tyrannical Overlords



La Granja by Stronghold Games. Billed as a 1-4 player Majorcan farming game, the official solo mode is more of a “learn the game mechanics” style of game. Not overly entertaining but there IS a more aggressive, highly competative solo variant.




Star Wars The Card Game. A renound Fantasy Flight head to head collectable card game now has a very ingenious solution to controlling an AI opponent in a realistic way.





Advanced Towers of Ruin now has a fan made rule set to make it a purely solitaire dungeon delving experience





Dungeon Petz by ZMan Games, once a multi-player worker placement, now becomes a solo worker placement





Ancient Terrible Things by Pleasant company Games has a tentative toe in the murky waters of solo horror exploration





Waggle Dance by Grublin Games becomes a solitary worker bee dice placement game




..and Cornish Smuggler also by Grubblin Games is subject fo a card driven AI mechanic crafted by my own fair hands…but will it prove to be any cop?

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