BsoMT at the UK Games Expo 2018

For the first time ever, in the history of all things that are boardgamey, BSoMT has been granted press approval, not just for UKGE, but for anywhere…it’s official….time to get professional. I am thoroughly grateful that I decided to wear my heavy absorbance undergarments, as the potential for accidents on the run up to the con were exceptionally high.

Both Sides of My Portable Hotel ready to roll

And so my journey begins on an innocent Thursday afternoon by collecting Both Sides of My Hotel and dragging it 60+ miles down the M6. & M5. carparks…approaching rush hour….what could possibly go wrong?

Both Sides of My Hotel pitched up…5 star accommodation of course!

…surprisingly nothing. Traffic was slow through the miles of traffic cones identifying part of the national “make work” scheme, but I arrived with an hour to spare at a secret location a few miles from the NEC. Hotel set up, BSoMT shirt on, NEC bound I was. And then the M42 turned into an eight lane carpark…

M42 car park

…I had still to pick up my pass and make it to the press meeting area. I uttered a mild expression of my frustration, and as if the “all seeing traffic jam God” heard my call, movement, albeit imperceptible at first, commenced.

NEC parking…free bus shuttle (sooooo useful to save the 324 mile walk from the official car park to the door), surprisingly small queue at the ticket desc and a quick shuffle up to hall two….and there they were. All the official types, many I recognised……from their logo’s…I had no clue who pretty much everyone was (as I always have my finger on the pulse of what is what and who is who of the  oardgaming world)

My first ever press preview was about to begin…


This year’s UKGE, as I have been all official like, has involved a goodly number of interviews and lengthy chats with designers and publishers about all manner of Solo related topics and as such there is s significant shed load of stuff to feed back. Because I didn’t want to bore you all by producing a piece as lengthy as War & Peace, which would take equally as long to read as the period the novel was set in, I have decided to break it down into four, more digestible parts, written in organic digital format free from additives and preservatives. Only the names, facts and all details have been changed to protect the innocent…actually no….all names and facts are true.

There is no preferential ordering…it is mostly down to the order the photographs uploaded to WordPress.


UKGE 2018 (link: part 1)

  • Press Preview
  • Wren Games- Assembly
  • Hall or Nothing Productions- Lifeform, 1066, GoK & pizza
  • Wotan Games (always make time for these great chaps…and thoughts are a foot…a feet?  for a solo mechanic for War of the 9 Realms in app form
  • Themeborne Games- Escape the Dark Castle (New review on BSoMT)
  • Yay Games- Ominoes Hieroglyphs
  • One Free Elephant- Micro Brew
  • Ragnar Brothers- The Romans (Review of darien Apocalypse)


UKGE 2018 (link; Part 2)

  • 2d6EE Games- Bottles of Rhubarb Birch Sap…oh, and some games talk
  • Grimlord Games- Village Attacks and Everrain (review of a hugely exciting project)
  • Emmerse Studio- general chats & stuff & things
  • Dragon Dawn Productions- Pertition’s Mouth and Darwinning Previews of both coming soon to BSoMT)
  • Nuts!Publishing- Saigon ‘75 & Mini Rogue (grea 18 card rogue-like dungeon game with some interesting mechanics) big chat/informal interview from Florent …top bloke!


UKGE 2018 (link: part 3)

  • Inspiring Games- Legends Untold (Short game preview coming soon)
  • Three Ace Games- Ironclads (preview coming soon to BSoMT)
  • Earth to Games- Masters of Gettown (preview coming soon) and talks of a very hush hush secret solo game
  • Wreck & Ruin- Mark talks about a solo variant he has been working on (congrats on funding too)
  • Thundervault Games- Defection


UKGE 2018 (link: part 4)

  • Stuffbybez- a multiple solo variant using Wibble
  • Accentuate Games- Frenetic
  • Mythic Games- Solomon King
  • Dark Orbit Games- Repel Boarders
  • Frank West- catch up & General chat
  • Grey Fox Games-Rising 5
  • Dice Sports- Exodus



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