A tiny corner of BSoMT living, breathing and looking at games aimed at purely solo players…that said, some solo games are reverse engeneering to provide multiplayer variants…but at their heart beats a solo mechanical heart.

F7BFBFB1-6F15-4E6F-987A-3A6214ECCB3EOne man vs Machine.  A solo fieldtest of a Sherman Firefly.Patton’s Best” by Avilon Hill #1solo…of Turrets and Tigers




18CBC838-AE76-4508-885E-31C053F20546A summer vacation in Crete, 1941. “Crete 41 Operation Mercury” by Decision Games & World at War magazine #2solo…of Air and Sea



3508F331-669B-49E5-BDF9-301F2F58DDA5A solitary French holiday cut short by snipers. Fields of Fire” by GMT games #3solo…of Hedgerow Lanes and Orchards Flames




0D247C89-7B15-4DCC-8A2A-81F1C94CE2A0All alone 20,000 leagues under the sea.Nemo’s War” by Victory Point Games #4solo…of Sonar Pings and Warship Things




4F79E155-0848-4A3E-96AF-C17388A66600Washed up alone on a deserted island…just me, my dog…a horse…some bloke called Friday…a whole Botanical research team…but still, in principal it is just me Voyage of the Beagle” by Z Man Games#5solo…of Driftwood Debris and Carnivorous Topiary


73540F57-B269-4AFB-B451-0B9CEB9EF3536 …which bright spark decided skirts and open toed sandals would be the best military “get-up” for maintaining military rule of this gods forsaken island? Agricola master of Britain”  by Hollandspiele Games #6solo…of Sodden Legions and Tribal Rebellions


D73A1613-AE88-4E9E-A8B4-BDFC5A8DE2BCNow in all my days as an avid dungeon explorer I never expected to be stood on top of a piece of paper, fighting for my life against disembodied purple tentacles. What ever next? Demonic possessed snowmen? “A4 Quest” by  Paweł Niziołek #7solo…of Tentacle Nests and A4 Quests


8 …coming very soon to BSoMT…a single handed attempt to cut and past a way through to European dominance and unification “Charlemagne Master of Europe” by Hollandspiele Games #8solo…of Charlies and Franks


EBF8BA91-EAFF-4687-8255-66C2DFC22D2EA nice leisurely cruise round the Greek islands it said on the brochure…who were they trying to fool? …so I boarded this rickety wooden ship, The Argo, with my sun hat and suitcase and not a care in the world…little did I know what was to unfold. “Argonauts” by Alcyon Creative #9solo…of Titans Bronze and Sirens’ Songs


4714D46A-DEF1-4B0C-B9DA-150DF6A00A2110 Crafting from scavanged items, long since discarded in the catacomb. Having been left for dead in nought but our underware, this is a solitary adventure of revenge…payback for the deaths of our Party. UNBROKEN by Artem Safarov #10solo…of Weapon Crafting Skills and Dungeon Battle Thrills


C5BF92DC-826E-475D-82E4-7335C821E95111 Up, up and away…The freeship Swiftwing takes us high into the Aether where adventure, Pirates and the feared Revenants do fly. Aether Captains:Pirates & Traders by Todd Sanders #11solo…of Revenant Invaders and Zeppelin Traders (Aether Captains Pirates & Traders)


95DC1637-9A5D-4177-883A-8761B483769412  Hidden movements of the Dark Lady perplex us and vex us…clues we need to deduce her identity Black Sonata by Jean Kean & Sideroom Games #12solo…of Scholars and Historians

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