What does solo boardgaming really mean to you?


In this (living) page, board-gamers can share what it is for them to be a solo gamer, what it has been like to be a part of the solo board-game community, and what playing solitaire fashion really means to them …inspired by the great video compiled by @PeaceLoveNGames https://t.co/gQgjSkmdHt ( https://t.co/VWUWpbInG8 (Kristi has given her kind consent for BSoMT to adapt her idea)

e-mail me at bothsidesofmytable@gmail.com with any photos/anecdotes/vids

I have to kick things of by saying an enourmous thank you to the brave souls who have subscribed/followed the BSoMT site. Your interest in the work done on this site is supremely appreciated.


    • CatWeazle ‘Why, oh why, oh why?’


Paul Animal Kellett

Solo gaming lets me do whatever I feel like, in however much time I have available. From exploring underground caves, to trading goods in distant lands. From trying to get the quickest time around a rally circuit to exploring the wonders of outer space or saving the Earth from alien attack, there is a solo game for every mood.


Jason Gibson

Here’s a selfie playing Race for the Galaxy with Gathering storm expansion in my old man gaming hat haha!


BSoMT Solomode- by Solomode Games


BSoMT Solo-Vido- by Shiny Happy Meeples




David Wiley over at Cardboard Clash



has a good many other solo gamers expressing what they love about solo gaming



Baordgame Rants 

Playing solo allows me to scratch that gaming itch when ever it takes me, no need for gaming groups or arguments about which type of game to play…actually, that isn’t strictly true…I can disagree with myself quite frequently about the choice of game

If you would like to get involved and share what boardgaming means to you, what experiences you have from solitaire gaming, how you have been affected by solo board-gaming please send a selfie (or more) with your experiences to bothsidesofmytable@gmail.com or DM on Twitter @BSoMT_2018

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