Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-299-1805-16,_Nordfrankreich,_Panzer_VI_(Tiger_I).2I would like to welcome you to a small and slightly more serious section of BSoMT. Grab yourselves a tin hat as this is going to focus on War Games for ONE.  There are many, many, many war-games on the market from hex & chit shoot ‘em ups, table top miniatures, to high level strategy games all about war, have war themes pasted on or are set during periods of war throughout history. So many advertise high solo ability but this really boils down to a player playing with themselves (no pun intended)

Here I am going to endeavour to bring a range of war games that are either dedicated solo play or have effective AI opponents…

D01DB383-D031-4FAA-AA56-023309E2583AWhat may also raise its little head above the trench parapet is the age-old argument about what a war-game is/what makes a good wargame and also who can play them (a serious look at gender stereotyping)

…so just mind where you step, there are discarded mines all over the shop here, as we discover what really is what with games of war!

What’s coming up and a few teasers for 2019

A selection of Avalon Hill’s solo wargames coming in 2019
  • Wargame Reviews


…of Petrograds and Activists (Dual Powers:Revolution 1917)





Liberty or Death #3 …of Liberty, Death and Colonial Insurrection (Liberty or Death)





Labarynth The Awakening 2010 #5…of sand-dune dreams and Jihadist Regimes (Labyrinth Awakening)




55FB9FB2-29EA-4A42-9DC6-4AA0D1825D30  Fields of Fire #3solo…of Hedgerow Lanes and Orchards Flames (Fields of Fire)




899AA9B6-4B0D-4568-8ABF-95BA08517124 Patton’s Best #1solo…of Turrets and Tigers (Patton’s Best)




9CF89672-9500-4D9A-B71D-457ECBEA661D  Crete ‘41 #2solo…of Air and Sea (Crete ‘41)




9E076C60-5F3B-4D18-9555-F9DECF56BE5D Nemo’s War #4solo…of Sonar Pings and Warship Things (Nemo’s War)




09C50990-4CB5-4AEF-B376-B2E3E38C6FCF The COIN Tribes’ Revolt …of Boudica’s Tribal Rebellions and Counter Insurgent Romans (COIN Tribes’ Revolt)



03F3A6B8-D40B-4E2B-8B60-4FED35B454EA  No Retreat: Russian Front #4…Not a Robot but definitely a Wotnot





Until The Bitter End (coming late 2018….early release copy currently being played )



CFD3139F-9472-4DF2-AFD8-FB4AAFECE4EC  A Spoiled Victory (coming soon…played and played but the queue for uploading reviews is becoming rather long)




82CB58F3-55B1-452F-8F44-5CA5E00A7CB6 Nuts! Big Battles. Company level solo tabletop Wargames from Two Hour Battles system (coming late November/early December 2018)




1CBBFA26-EB2B-4CEA-BA42-4BE298AF6E54 B17 Queen of the Sky (coming early 2019)




CF58E6AE-2E23-4070-A111-83977AFEFA74  ’65 (coming soon)



  • Solo AI system for table top skirmish war-game

57847267-D9ED-4B59-A5F7-43761CBFF521 Open Combat: (in development)



A nine card nano wargame set in WWI-ish (link coming very soon to BSoMT)


  • What Constitutes a war-game?

Under discussion: Charlemagne Moe, Agricola MoB, Liberty or Death, Labyrinth, Solo Caesar, Donning the Purple +more… (coming soon)

  • Who’s coming out to play? A look at stereotypes and gender in gaming (with a particular focus on War-games (coming soon)


0BCDFCE9-78DB-4B49-9C0B-BF8A7D25C2A2 Those  experts of War , The Player’s Aid, have an insightful couple of videos discussing a wide selection of solo-able war-games they have experienced, just to get you all in the mood. (Thanks so much chaps for letting me borrow your great material)

Introductory Solitaire Wargames Examples and Advice

Medium-Advanced Solitaire Wargames

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